Growth #50

Growth #50 by John Ottiano

Photo By: Rowan University Planning

Year Installed: 1974
Artist: John Ottiano
Materials: Cor-ten Steel
Dimensions: 18′ tall (4 tons)
Location:  Chamberlain Student Center
Latitude & Longitude: 
39°42’30.1″N 75°07’03.9″W

In 1973 the student body raised funding to pay for this dignified cor-ten steel sculpture located outside the entrance of the Chamberlain Student Center. Titled, “Growth #50”, the sculpture celebrates the 50th anniversary of the University, which at the time was named Glassboro State College. The work symbolizes the educational journey: Intellectually starting out broad, curiously narrowing and then broadening again in college. 

The sculpture is made of cor-ten, an alloy developed to eliminate the need for painting. This material forms a stable, rust-like appearance after several years of exposure to weather. It is believed artist Dr. John Ottiano chose this material to further represent the changing and lasting nature of learning and growth.

The creation of this sculpture was a year-long collaborative effort by the Student Government, the Department of Art, student volunteers, and the University. It was designed by the late art-department chair John Ottiano and built by Dr. Roger Cantor and his students. The piece truly represents the collaborative spirit and tradition of our University community.

“Growth #50” is also the first public art sculpture on campus, which helped to further establish the long tradition of Rowan University’s commitment to creative endeavors, the arts, and the wider community.