John Ottiano

Portrait of John Ottiano
Photo provided by John Ottiano’s family

Dr. John Ottiano was a professor and department chair for the Department of Art. He taught numerous courses in the visual arts including sculpture, jewelry, and painting. In addition, Dr. Ottiano was the founder of the department’s jewelry program and he was very active in the wider community. He earned an M.F.A. from Boston University (1960) and an Ed.D from Pennsylvania State University (1963). He also extensively exhibited his artwork.

Rowan University’s Public Art Collection includes three examples of his work, including two murals on the east side of Westby Hall and the 1974 sculpture “Growth #50”. This abstract piece is located in front of the Chamberlain Student Center, and it is the first public art sculpture on campus. It was created to celebrate the College’s 50th anniversary. The piece was a year-long project and it was funded and built by students.