The following is an alphabetical list of public art artists with work in Rowan University’s campus public art collection. The artists and their artwork were selected through a competitive process. This list can help students learn about the artist’s commitment to creating their artwork, their career paths, and past projects. The list of artists can also help students explore art history and how colleges and universities have embraced public art on their campuses.

A photograph of Thea Alvin, sculptor.

Thea Alvin

Thea Alvin is a creative and determined artist, designer, and stonemason. She started her career in stone at age 16, working for her father as a tender. She then worked as a mason for years and then as a stonemason. Alvin has created public artworks for several university campuses and gardens. | Learn More

A photo of William Butler, artist.

William Butler

William Butler is a nationally known artist located in Camden, NJ. He creates luminously layered paintings embedded with themes of inspiration and hope. William brings more than 20 years of experience as an artist and a graphic designer to each painting. | Learn More

A photograph of John Bannon.

John E. Bannon

John E. Bannon works in both multimedia and sculpture. He has been featured in more than 50 exhibitions throughout his professional career. Mr. Bannon creates private and public artworks with universal elements of visual perception from an aesthetically unique point of view.
| Learn More

A photograph of David Boyer.

David Boyer

David Boyer specializes in kinetic wind sculptures. This work began in the late 1990s when he started making art out of old metals and artifacts he found in the northern Nevada desert. From this experience, his ideas evolved, as did his fabrication skills. | Learn More

A photograph of artist Carolyn Braaksma in her studio.

Carolyn Braaksma

Carolyn Braaksma has created large-scale public art commissions for more than 20 years.  She has completed projects for municipalities, local governments, DOTs, educational institutions, and other agencies. Her award-winning work often incorporates site-specific imagery and local references with a strong design sensibility to create a special sense of place. In addition to Rowan, Braaksma has created public art for the campuses of Texas Tech University and Minnesota State University. | Learn More

A photograph of Ed Carpenter.

Ed Carpenter

Ed Carpenter is an artist specializing in public art installations ranging from architectural sculpture to infrastructure design. Since 1973 he has completed projects for public, corporate, and ecclesiastical clients. His use of glass in new configurations, programmed artificial lighting, and unusual tension structures have broken new ground in architectural art. Carpenter has created public artworks for college campuses, airports, and countries like Taiwan.| Learn More

A photograph of Marvin Creamer.

Dr. Marvin Creamer

Dr. Marvin Creamer was a geography professor at Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) until his retirement in 1977. He received countless accolades and honors for his many accomplishments, including being the first known person to have sailed around the world without using nautical instruments.| Learn More

A photograph of Zenos Frudakis.

Zenos Frudakis

Zenos Frudakis is an American sculptor whose diverse work includes figurative monuments, memorials, portrait busts, and statues. Zenos emphasizes the figure and the portrait, as demonstrated in his many monumental figure/portrait works. He has created monumental works in public and private collections throughout the USA and abroad. | Learn More

A photograph of Brian Hanlon.

Brian Hanlon

Brian Hanlon is a classically trained master sculptor and founder of Hanlon Sculpture Studio, with over 300 public and private art pieces since 1987. Hanlon is a nationally-recognized artist from Toms River, NJ, specializing in bronze statues and plazas. Mr. Hanlon is the official Master Sculptor for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. | Learn More

A photograph of artist Ralph Helmick.

Ralph Helmick

Ralph Helmick is a sculptor who focuses on design works at the intersection of art, science, and new technologies. As a public artist, his goal is to create generous, layered, and challenging work that partakes in the social fabric of culture and place. He has created over fifty award-winning public art commissions across the U.S. and abroad. | Learn More

A photograph of Douglas Hollis.

Douglas Hollis

Artist Douglas Hollis works with natural phenomena to talk about landscape and the forces constantly affecting it. His public art includes wind and water-activated sound structures and environmental dynamics related to the location, such as his Aeolian Harp. Mr. Holllis has earned a reputation for developing public artworks people want to inhabit. | Learn More

Keith Jones Photo

Keith Jones

Keith R. Jones, a Welsch-born New Brunswick, New Jersey resident, is a painter who specializes in realism. Jones’ artistry reflects his commitment to preserving the environment through his craft. His paintings capture the beauty of the unspoiled landscape and are poignant in light of the constant threats to our natural and ecological environment.  | Learn More

A photograph of Brad Kaspari in his studio.

Brad Kaspari

Mr. Kaspari’s public artwork ranges from temporary interactive sculptural installations to permanent sculptural object-making and architecturally integrated projects such as terrazzo and decorative stone flooring. He has completed numerous public art commissions across the country as a solo artist and a part of collaborative teams.| Learn More

A photograph of artist Ray King.

Ray King

Ray King uses natural light to interact with glass and optics as a public art medium. King creates environments that appeal to viewers’ sense of wonderment and delight by creating dynamic interactions with the sun and refracting light into colors. He also uses mathematics and sacred geometry to add a humanistic element and proportion to his public art.| Learn More

A photograph Larry Kirkland.

Larry Kirkland

Artist Larry Kirkland creates large-scale, multi-dimensional public artworks. His installations can be found in institutional and municipal buildings, transit hubs, research facilities, libraries, universities, cruise ships, urban parks, and plazas. He has also served as a juror in numerous public art and architecture competitions. | Learn More

A photo of artist Cork Marcheschi.

Cork Marcheschi

Cork Marcheschi is a San Francisco native who has been involved in fine arts and music for over 40 years. He has had over 130 solo art exhibitions throughout the world. He has over 50 public sculptures scattered about the American landscape, Hong Kong, and Singapore. | Learn More

A photograph of Beth Nybeck.

Beth Nybeck

Beth Nybeck is a metal sculptor and public artist. Her forms are inspired by the natural world, such as a spider’s web or the intricate pattern found on a leaf. Nybeck received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Northern Iowa. Nybeck has created several public artworks for college campuses, public schools, art centers, and public spaces. | Learn More

A photograph of artist John Ottiano.

John Ottiano

Dr. John Ottiano was a professor and department chair for the Department of Art. He taught numerous courses in the visual arts, including sculpture, jewelry, and painting. In addition, Ottiano was the founder of the department’s jewelry program and was very active in the broader community. | Learn More

A photograph of artist Livio Saganic.

Livio Saganic

Livio Saganic was born in 1950 and grew up in Vidovici, in the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. At age 12, he fled with his family to Italy, where they spent two years waiting for political asylum. In 1964 he emigrated to the United States and eventually attended the Pratt Institute and Yale’s MFA. In the 80s, he shifted to public art, creating works internationally. In addition to Rowan University, Saganic has created campus public art at New Jersey City University and Rutgers University. | Learn More

A photograph of artist Stuart Schechter.

Stuart Schechter

Born and raised in Southfield, MI, artist Stuart Schechter was always a tinkerer. At Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, he decided to focus his creativity on mechanical engineering with a focus on robotics. | Learn More

A photograph of David Wilson.

David Wilson

David Wilson is a glass artist and designer living in central New York State. His aesthetic approach works with the design sensibility of each project he undertakes, integrating glass art with the architectural environment. His projects range from religious buildings, airports, medical centers, and significant corporate and public buildings to private residences. | Learn More

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