The Public Art website was developed as a digital scholarship project by the Campbell Library Digital Scholarship Center in collaboration with University Publications, University Planning, and the Rowan University Art Gallery. The website is designed to share information related to Rowan University’s public art collection and to inspire new academic connections, course projects, creative development, and research. We envision this website being used as an educational resource to inspire new research and creative projects such as digital scholarship projects, course projects, artwork, and scholarship. The website includes images of the campus public art, videos, and information related to the work and the artists. The project also includes an extensive list of public art related articles, books, and journals available through the Campbell Library collection. 


  • Provide an educational resource to learn more about Rowan University’s public art collection.
  • Provide an educational resource to learn and explore the history and interdisciplinary nature of public art.
  • Inspire new research, course projects, outreach, and creative development.
  • Inspire new community-driven creative projects and spaces.
  • Increase public awareness of Rowan University’s commitment to creative endeavors, the arts, and the wider community.
  • Contribute by enhancing and enlarging the campus creative climate.



  • Michael Benson, Coordinator of the Digital Scholarship Center
  • Christine Davidian, eResources and Serials Librarian, Art 
  • Arijit De, Assistant Vice President, University Planning & Operations
  • Jonathan Jiras, Technology Services Librarian
  • Lori Marshall, Assistant Vice President for University Relations
  • Jocelyn Naarden, Digital Scholarship Center, Instructional Designer 
  • Joseph Napolitano, University Planning & Operations
  • Mary Salvante, Rowan University Art Gallery
  • Nguyen Ton, University Planning & Operations


Suggested Citation of the Rowan Public Art Project

Benson, Michael, Jiras, John, Marshall, Lori, Naarden, Jocelyn. et al. Rowan University Public Art Project. 2017. Enter web address here. Web. [access date].


About the Collection

The physical collection is selected by various means and maintained by University Planning. The collection can be categorized in three distinct ways. The primary category is original artworks that were commissioned by the University through the state’s public art mandate, which requires one percent of state-financed projects to go to the creation of new artwork. Examples include Beth Nybeck’s Opticks and John E. Bannon’s Test of Time. A second category includes works that are memorials and monuments that commemorate and recognize significant historical moments, places, and persons in time. Examples include Zenos Frudakis’ Henry Rowan and John Collins’ Endeavor. The third category includes works that were donated by organizations or individuals, but still reflect our cultural values. An example of this category is Zenos Frudakis’ Knowledge is Power.


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