Endeavor by Dr. Marvin Creamer and John Collins
Photo by DSC Staff
Year Installed: 2015
Artist: Marvin Creamer and John Collins
Materials: Stone, metal, various plants
Dimensions: n/a
Location: Esbjornson Gym
Latitude & Longitude: 
39°42’37.1″N 75°07’09.5″W

This public art monument titled Endeavor, is dedicated to Dr. Marvin Creamer, Class of ’43 alumnus and founder of the Rowan University Department of Geography, Planning, and Sustainability. Dr. Creamer captained the only known circumnavigation of the earth without the use of navigational instruments. In December 1982, Dr. Creamer embarked on the 510-day voyage of Globe Star, his 36-foot, steel-hulled sailboat, guided only by the sun and stars, water currents and his intimate knowledge of geography. He and his crew endured violent storms at sea, equipment failure, doldrums and more before a triumphant return to port in National Park, NJ on May 17, 1984.  

Dedicated in 2015, this monument commemorates Dr. Creamer’s extraordinary achievement and honors his vision, expertise, and courage. Boulders outline the hull of Globe Star. The signpost at the center stands where the mast would have been and its shadow functions as a celestial sundial, while the signs point to some of the world’s great cities in the major geographic regions.


“There’s a monument out here that’s going to sneakily teach geography after I’m long gone.”          

 – Marvin Creamer