The Staircase, 1974

A photo of the westby steps mural

 Photo by Rowan University Libraries staff.

Year Installed: 1974
Artist: John Criqui and Joseph Tishler
Materials: Wall Paint
Dimensions: 2 Stories Tall
Location: Westby Hall; North side
Latitude & Longitude:
39.709719722949984, -75.1218481460844


The mural titled “The Staircase” is found within Westby Hall on Rowan University campus. It is a floor to ceiling mural inside the stairway on the north side of the building near the creek. This painting was created in 1974 by art student John Criqui and Professor Joseph Tischler. This mural is the first public artwork at the university designed and created by a student. It is painted in the style of an architectural drawing, with dimensions written across the design. The wall is also painted a shade of “blueprint” blue. This mural shows how architecture, engineering, and math have a connection to art.

Artist John Criqui

John Criqui was an art student at Glassboro State College. John worked with professor Joseph Tishler to create “The Stairwell” mural located in the northern stairwell of Westby Hall. This mural is the first public artwork on campus created by a student. Professor Tishler retired in 1999.